Conscious world I wanted to wake in

Stands up with his hands raised in retreat. He doesn't want any trouble. He can see Scorpion is straining. Joseph could do with getting his head battered to a pulp, but Clarence can't just do that. As Clarence shifts past Scorpion to get to the door, Scorpion slaps a couple of twenties in his hand. Go and get some beers, he instructs. Clarence makes his way down the hallway. Take those two -heads with you, Scorpion adds. Joseph sits himself back down. The music scratches to a halt in the lounge. Joseph watches as Clarence, Hunter and Cindy walk out of the door. Cindy looks back at him. Joseph smiles a devilish smile. The door closes. Silence tightens the atmosphere. My money not good enough buy youtube views youtube for you? Joseph breaks the ice. Your money? Scorpion exclaims. My money, cash, bank, green, whatever the . My money. What's the difference? Joseph turns the laptop to face him. The pornographic website. He grins. I... I'm thinking I'm about to make a change. Contradict myself. Don't we all sometimes? Scorpion opens a draw and takes out a .44 Magnum. Joseph doesn't flinch. Pretty sleek hey. He hands it to Joseph. Take it. Joseph hesitates. Take it. Look at it. Feel it. Joseph wraps his hand around the grip and feels the weight of the gun. What kind of contradiction is this? Joseph says, baffled. Every father of buy youtube views every girl you ed would run across broken glass barefoot to ram the barrel of that gun into your dick and blast your deranged soul straight to hell. Then, they'd turn it on me because I was sick enough to share a beer with you and ruthless enough to take the money of the sickest kind of motherer there is. When you put that pile of shit on my table I had my moment of clarity if you like. I might be a lifelong junkie. I've probably sold some poor kid his white death. I'm everybody's scum, buy youtube views society's excrement. But for once, the sight of cash actually pissed me off. To my surprise my heart sank. And that's the truth. you. This is a little hard to believe. Joseph shakes his head. me? If an atheist offered the church a donation google the church would probably take it because although that same atheist might not believe, his act would be one of honesty and would conform with the beliefs of the church. But, even when faced with imminent collapse would the church take a youtube donation from the hand of the Devil? Joseph laughs out loud, how can you compare crack houses with the house of God? Scorpion grabs Joseph by the collar. I could compare Mother Teresa with a ten dollar hooker. Point is... Joseph cuts him off by holding the barrel of the .44 to his gut.Scorpion stands back. The point is, I could shoot you right now and it wouldn't matter. Money is... Scorpion cuts him off and grabs the buy youtube views gun barrel. Joseph pulls the trigger instinctively. Not loaded. The point is I don't want and I don't need your money. buy youtube views You're no different from me, Joseph proclaims. Even bad has its worse. You raped your own sister. Don't tell me we're the same. You can have your high but I'm not taking your money. And don't ever come back here. Scorpion has reached a crossroads in his life. The Devil can't tempt him anymore. Joseph claps slowly and sinisterly. Beautiful. Scorpion takes a wrap of out of the cupboard. He drops it in front of Joseph. He also places a syringe on the